DIY home décor and furniture might not be as shiny and perfect as the stuff we see in stores, but it will fill your heart with such pride and joy, that it’s totally irreplaceable. You might think that DIY home décor is only for the few of us who are handy by nature, but you’re mistaken. There are plenty of easy DIY ideas that everyone is capable of doing. Today we want to share with you one of them – an easy DIY coat rack, found on WKDY CRNVL. You can use your DIY coat rack for various purposes and places. It would fit perfectly in the entrance hall, in the closet or in your atelier.


What you need to build your DIY coat rack:

  • About 5 meters of copper pipe
  • 6 corner pieces
  • 4 pieces with 3 nut holes

How to build your DIY coat rack:

  • Attach all pieces together
  • Polish
  • Wipe
  • Paint in whatever color you like


Published in: DIY | Author: Lynn