One of the best ways to make your home look cozy and beautiful is to introduce fresh flowers and plants in the interior. You can of course rely on the countless designs, sizes and colors of vases and flower pots to make flower arrangements matching your personal aesthetic taste. But why not get a bit more creative than that and make yourself a stunning floral chandelier?! Such a graceful flower arrangement will surely make a most attractive centerpiece for any special occasion celebrated at home!

We are happy to show you 3 amazing projects of DIY flower chandeliers that you might wish to try this spring:

#1 Pendant Hoop DIY Flower Chandelier

If you’re looking for unconventional options to introduce spring fragrances and add some romantic feel to your home décor, you’re gonna love this project!

What you’ll need is a wooden embroidery hoop, 15-20 yards of assorted ribbon, 1-2 yards of lace trim and 3-4 dozen fresh flowers of your choice.


  • Choose flowers within a matching color palette;
  • For a better volume effect, choose flowers with voluptuous blooms, like peonies and roses;
  • Choose fragrant flowers;
  • Make sure the flowers are well open and fully bloomed;
  • Clean off any damaged outer petals.

Using the ribbons make the base of the chandelier and then add the flowers creating your original flower arrangement around the hoop.

This delicate flower chandelier is a perfect decor solution for a ladies’ tea party, a baby shower or just as a beautiful floral decorative centerpiece in the living room.


Project credit + detailed instructions: HonestlyWTF

#2 Stylish Multi-tiered Pendant Floral Composition

This spectacular floral chandelier is a true piece of floral arrangement art, and totally deserves the ‘honor’ of decorating the interior of a wedding reception hall, VIP meeting premises, or any other special occasion.

The project requires a lot of flowers and greenery, so you should make sure to have them all well treated, trimmed, and taken good care of before using in the floral composition. On the other hand, you might consider the option of using artificial flowers, while keeping fresh the greenery only, or have all items artificial. Nowadays, the market offers fake flowers looking stunningly realistic!

The structural base of the entire composition is created by using wooden frames of various sizes, pending in a pyramidal formation.


  • The number of frames depends on how many tiers you wish for the whole structure.
  • You can choose how to hang the pyramidal frame structure, starting from the top with either the largest or with the smallest of the frames.

First, wrap the frames with green wreaths and add palm leaves hanging down to create a cascading effect. Then add the blooms in a floral composition of your choice.


Project credit + detailed instructions: Brit & Co

#3 ‘Live’ Lampshade Pendant

If you are about to invite friends or family to a dinner party, but are not so sure about your culinary skills, here’s a way to impress them all!

Surprise everybody with a fresh flower pendant lamp over the dining table!

The base of this unusual floral bijou is a large wire basket with a hole at the top that your light kit will fit through, and the light kit itself (a pendant cord and a lightbulb).

A tip: Use a wider basket, so that the ‘live’ lampshade is not disturbed by the light or heat of the bulb.

Naturally, you’ll need fresh flowers, greenery and some succulent fillers, as well as some tools to make your ‘live’ lampshade.

Cover the basket with a rich layer of greenery, weaving the leaves into the wire grid.

Arrange the flowers in a desired composition, and add here and there some of the fillers as a final touch.


Project credit + detailed instructions: Paper & Stitch

Published in: DIY | Author: Lynn