A restored house: transformed into perfection
A restored house: transformed into perfection
Creative Decor Tips for Your Autumn Home
Creative Decor Tips for Your Autumn Home

Which one of these walk in closets is your dream closet?


We can only imagine how many awesome walk in closets you have maybe perused during your hours on Pinterest or the like. For many of us, that is one thing that we all dream of having one day. Of course, we aren’t talking your run of the mill closet here, we’re talking the luxurious, requires a couch of its own kind of walk in closet. Now, there are so many different approaches that can be taken when designing your own walk in closet. Everyone has their own taste in how they want it to look.

Perhaps you like walk in closets that provide a nook and cranny for every type of article of clothing you have; endless shoe racks, space for your hats, your sweaters, your lazy day jeans… you get the point. You’re an organized person, and you value that in your walk in closet.

Maybe you’re the kind of person who wants an area for say your vanity in your walk in closets. You want it all in one place – you get can dressed in there and do the finishing touches without having to leave the room (your closet at this point basically is a room!).

Or there are even simpler choices. Having just enough space to walk in comfortably and look around without having to crouch too far (or never find anything because it’s been forever lost into the closet void). You’re a minimalist, and that is perfectly ok too, there are lovely walk in closet designs for that!

However, if you are struggling with figuring out what exactly it is you want out of your closet, take a look at the walk in closets below. They are all absolutely gorgeous and wonderful in their own way, you just have to find out what speaks to you the most and go from there!

Images found on: vintage and Chick (website in Spanish)