In the middle – an unusual studio
In the middle: an unusual studio
Scandinavian apartment interior design
Scandinavian apartment interior design

Unique sculptures will bring out the kid in you


These unique sculptures can be found near the Assiniboine River in Winnipeg, America, where they have been part of a competition entitled “Warming Huts” that was held recently. The outdoor sculptures are called “Nuzzels” and look very much like giant versions of the popular kids’ toy – Koosh balls. The unique sculptures have one major difference though and it’s not their size; each one has a heated core that radiates the heat through each leg.

The idea was that anyone can use the Nuzzels to help stay warm over the winter months and have fun at the same time. These brightly colored interactive sculptures have created quite a stir and been appreciated by people of all ages. The unique sculptures seem to have had a very positive effect on local residents and visitors to the river front. They have made children and adults smile, spend more time outside and enjoy the giant funny looking heated balls.

Each night the unique sculptures are lit from the core to provide a pretty and decorative feature that will surely be missed once the competition entries are removed and stored away. Who knows maybe they will be used again next winter to add fun and warmth to everyone’s lives again



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