The Best Small Apartment
The Best Small Apartment
Amazing wood loft
Amazing wood loft

Stunning student unit on a small budget


This 10 square metres student unit was designed by Tengbom Architects with input from Martinson, a wood manufacturer and real estate company AF Bostäder. Students from the University of Lund aided with the research into how to provide lower cost, sustainable and attractive student units. This compact living unit provides everything a student might need including a kitchen area, living space with desk, bathroom and a comfortable sleeping loft, and can be erected almost anywhere.

The student units are built from cross laminated wood – sourced and manufactured locally, with carbon positive qualities and an attractive finish inside and out. You can find the student unit on display at the Virserum Art Museum, there are plans to build 22 of these affordable units in 2014 and so far all feedback has been good. With its wooden finish and brightly coloured accessories the student unit certainly looks the part – It is roomy, has enough storage and is the ideal place for studying while at university.

Maybe in the future we will see many more of these surprisingly cute and perfectly adequate student accommodation blocks springing up in campuses around the world soon, making affordable and ecological student accommodation the way forward.

Photos: Bertil Hertzberg