Sometimes when you see the place where artists and designers live you can see where they draw their inspiration from, and this is most certainly the case with fashion designer Frank Leder‘s studio in Berlin. Frank creates garments for modern men with taste and his surroundings show a glimpse of some of the things he holds dear.


The studio obviously has a history and many original features are still seen there today, such as the panelling and beautifully moulded ceilings. Light colors on every wall display the designer’s personal items wonderfully and you can see a vast collection of pictures and art hung on the walls. Tools of the designers trade are mixed in with eclectic pieces and household objects that give the studio an eclectic feel.

Rolls of fabric in many colors line one wall and there are some amazing glass jars and bottles on the window sills. Shelves full of supplies are close to the industrial looking coffee machine, this studio has style and it is easy to see how it inspires the designer to create beautiful garments here. Wooden floors add to the character of the studio and create warmth that we love in this vibrant and creative space.

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