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Contemporary architecture nestled away in nature
Contemporary architecture nestled away in nature

Recycled materials can go a long way, and still look good


What started as a smart competition to design a new plant shop, resulted in the creation of an adorably eco-friendly place to shop, known as Hackney City Farm. Numerous applicants entered with various ideas on how to use recycled materials for the new store, while of course creating something that would be sustainable. Located in the heart of London, this shop and farm is strongly inspired by homes of the Victorian Era, as you can probably assume just by looking at it.

What has been used in the design are discarded timber sash windows, which have been placed across the exterior of the shop. Patrons can walk through as they gander at what treats rest upon these recycled materials. The idea behind the design was that people would see these plants in an all-too-familiar setting (window sills) and want to purchase them for their own [window sills].

The shop and surrounding space has otherwise been designed in a very cute way. Inviting and bright colors make up the window sills, while the rest of the recycled goods have a very inviting aesthetic to them. Perhaps more people should take on projects like this, no?

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