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In our Design section we share various designs, from innovative furniture to unusual home solutions, united by their originality and functionality. Anything that is created to ease your life or to add a dash of style to it is now combined under one roof. If you’re a design admirer, this definitely is your place to be. Get inspired now!

Impressive Coffee Table by Stelios Mousarris

Impressive Coffee Table by Stelios Mousarris

Stelios Mousarris creates an out-of-this-world coffee table inspired by the blockbuster ‘Inception’. Want one?
Cloud Lamp

Cloud Lamp: Nature’s Majesty in Your Home

Bring a thunderstorm into your bedroom with this amazing cloud lamp! Find out how it works!
Pyramid Shaped Tent

Tipi Inspired Pyramid Shaped Tent

Are you ready to camp in style? This pyramid shaped tent offers you a very comfortable accommodation.
Spiral Staircase Design

Breathing Life into a Spiral Staircase Design

This is no ordinary staircase! It features beautiful plants and circular spaces where employees can have their break from work.
Striking floor lamp

Elevate Your Style With Striking Floor Lamps

Floor lamps?! Try with pieces of art! These amazing design creations will transform your home into an exquisite art gallery.
Hanging Sitting Pod

The Kodama Zome Hanging Sitting Pod

The Kodama Zome is a great hanging hammock that can be used for outdoor relaxation. Find out more.
Suspended Staircase Design

Red Hot: Suspended Staircase Design by Diapo

Creativity at its best! The muse for this suspended staircase design comes from a recent installation by Do Ho Suh.
Bamboo Pod

The Froute Tent Bamboo Pod

Designed by Giant Grass, this awesome bamboo structure could be the ideal solution for your next glamping experience.
Creative Outdoor Installation

The Jointed Cube Outdoor Installation

Here is a design that really caught our attention. Check out this creative pavilion-like outdoor installation.
The Minimalistic Social Pool by Alfredo Barsuglia

The Minimalistic Social Pool by Alfredo Barsuglia

Amazing Suspended Garden

The Enchanting Suspended Garden by TeamLab

This suspended garden is a modern wonder. When visitors walk into it, the flowers lift up to let them pass. Find out more about it.
Glowing ring-shaped swings

Glowing Swings Stimulate Boston Park

Located in Boston, these illuminated ring-shaped swings look fantastic. Take a look!