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In our Design section we share various designs, from innovative furniture to unusual home solutions, united by their originality and functionality. Anything that is created to ease your life or to add a dash of style to it is now combined under one roof. If you’re a design admirer, this definitely is your place to be. Get inspired now!

Inspired by Biology

Inspired by Biology

If you are into the unconventional furniture, then you will surely find this collection appealing. This unusual ‘bubble’ look has its logical explanation. Inspired by science, the designer Maarten De Ceulaer

Furniture inspired by man

Designer Dzmitry Samal is the creator of this somewhat unusual furniture collection, called ‘Human Collection’. All of these pieces-of-art are inspired by the beauty of man’s body and the possibilities
Jelly Fish Glass Sculpture

‘Jelly Fish’ Glass Sculptures

Daniela Forti, who lives and works in Tuscany, is the creator of these one-of-the-kind works of art. She has always been attracted to various ways of glass-transformation