Beautiful craftsmanship and innovative design come together in the OVOLA Home Sauna. Custom built a state of the art workshop by Switzerland based sauna manufacturer KÜNG AG Saunabau, this unit is built with comfort and relaxation in mind.

The unit is usually built of Alder wood, but can be constructed with other if a client wished so. The natural material can be left as is or stained to a variety of approved colors. The OVOLA home unit offers full customization to meet the needs of the owner. It can be constructed to accommodate disabilities, small spaces, and even large spaces.

Using subtle curvature in the design, KÜNG AG assures that the unit can adhere to any interior setting. To contrast the round lines, the OVOLA is covered with horizontal batons, inside and out. The bench design inside the unit is also custom built according to the client’s need and always appear as if floating, the metal supports hidden carefully. The icing on the cake is the integrated LED lighting system which allows the owner to change colors to fit their mood. A stunning addition to any home.

Swiss home sauna by KUENG AG
Swiss home sauna Ovola-side view
Swiss home sauna Ovola front view
Swiss home sauna Ovola
Home sauna

Images courtesy of KÜNG AG Saunabau

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