Cocoon 1 is an innovative project that aims to create your own personal space. It’s a piece of furniture that transcends the border between objects and spaces. Cocoon 1 is a transparent sphere with 180 cm diameter. It can be used as a separate room or simply fit in one. The furniture offers a few placing options – on the floor, or hanging from the ceiling. You can use it outdoors to feel totally submerged into the surrounding environment. Use the net to hang Cocoon 1 in trees and it will become a comfy swing. A variety of different modules can be attached to the furniture and change its functions. For example, you can add a sleeping module, numerous storage modules, or even a cooking module. Batteries power a stove and a Wi-Fi media module. Fascinating design, courtesy of Micasa Lab, Zürich that gives you the opportunity to sleep, relax, play and cook in your own personal space!

Images found on: Inhabitat


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  1. Denitsa Vasileva says:

    I want to buy one!