Prefabricated tiny structures are what an Italian company named LEAPfactory designs and builds. Take for example this cantilever retreat found in the Alps that not only maximizes space but also ensures that its occupants are protected from the extreme cold outside. The retreat comes in a modular design with functional areas like a living room, sleeping area and kitchen.


Angular lines serve its purpose to partition the entire space (of only 30 square meters / 323 square feet) into a modular design and logical floor-plan for basic activities like sitting and watching the scene below, the same space for eating and drinking coffee. In another partition, the sleeping quarters are found to accommodate at least four beds. This structure is ideal for mountain climbers and those who simply want a peaceful place to commune with nature. This tubular unit comes equipped with the latest technology like solar panels mounted on its roof to provide power supply at 2.5 KWH  enough to cook, provide warmth and lighting for its occupants, and a computer system that provides information on local weather conditions. The exterior of the tube is painted with bold red to make it noticeable at a distance.  All these features complement its functional, ultra-modern modular design.

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