Break the standards in wallpaper application by choosing a different color scheme, unusual place, or pattern proportion. Hanging the same wallpapers on all four wall of your bedroom is not trendy any more. We want to share with you ten interesting ways to diversify the room. If you have a small bedroom, choose striped wallpapers to create the illusion of some extra height or width. Make yourself a custom headboard by framing a piece of wallpaper in border and hanging it behind the bed. Don’t forget that the wallpapers are not only for the wall. Why don’t you transform your bedside table with some decorative wallpaper panels or use them to line the boring bedroom shelves? If you want to add some extravagant touch to your bedroom, hang an amazing wallpaper directly on the ceiling. Hanging the same wallpaper in two different ways is also a fun way to add a statement to your bedroom.