Very small changes can make a huge difference in appearance and feel. While this is true of any subject, it can be easily applied to an excellent effect within your home. Consider the difference of look in a young lady in a summer dress and then the same lady, same dress with a flower in her hair, a bouquet, and tasteful jewelry. One is barely noticeable on the street and the other will get second and third looks at each step. Which do you want for your home – barely noticed or second looks and appreciation?

How to fill in the details

To fill in the details in order to get the most from your room, simply walk in and glance around. You will notice wide open areas of walls, the top surfaces of furnishings, and dark places right away. Then simply take a pad and start jotting down ideas. Things like lace doilies under lamps or photos, a painting to help focus the eyes better on particular areas of a wall. With an eye to where to de-clutter, such as too large a group of photographs and also where to add detail to draw more attention you can easily find easy fixes.


photo by Emily J. Followill

Be thematic

For example, red table clothes on formal dining room look very nice. They will not look as nice in a breakfast nook though. If you have a formal look than stick with it or change the whole look. Strawberry print hand towels are fine but do not go well with black placemats and a chandelier. Buy items for your rooms based on what will go well – not what looks nice by itself. Wonderful ideas you can find on and


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