Top 10 Interior Designs on Instagram
Top 10 Interior Designs on Instagram
A Spanish Dreamy Summer Home
A Spanish Dreamy Summer Home

Praising Nature’s Perfection With the Newest Pixers Interior Décor Collection

Wall art is one of the most popular (and oldest!) techniques for creating stunning interiors. It has been indefinitely explored and implemented through time, featuring a picturesque galaxy of wall décor ideas presented by artists and exploited by designers in most diverse ways. Countless that the subjects of this unique art may be,  there is always one that seems to be never going out of ‘fashion’, always present, always inspiring, and always providing endless delight  – Nature in all its magnificent grandeur and perfection.

In our digitalized homes, in our contemporary world of artificial flavors, synthetic touch, and concrete vistas, we long for Nature’s genuine grace more than ever. This longing has been recognized by the designers at Pixers and generously presented in their latest interior décor collection called Nature Hues.

Nature Hues collection moodboard

The Nature Hues collection showcases macro-photographs revealing the “endless infinity of unbridled nature” through closely exploring the unique perfection of natural surfaces such as marble, split rock, water swirls and waves, as well as the complex inside structures of agate, granite, and other stones, and a close-up view of substances in various physical states. It is “an answer to the trend that celebrates the contemplation of nature … and the beauty of the microcosmos invisible to the naked eye” – explain the designers.

Abstract wall decorMacro image wall mural

Due to the unique macro look at Nature’s micro world, the photographs of the Nature Hues collection create the illusion of a window through which one can smell the fragrances of the ocean, feel the cold touch of water, and admire “the ever-changing landscapes of trees, stones, bushes, grasses, wildflowers and the soil”.

The colors dominating the collection are stunning! From pastel natural hues of blue, turquoise, pink and purple, to nuances of deeper earthy tones, this extraordinary palette creates a unique soothing ambiance and matches perfectly the colors of contemporary interiors with a Scandinavian twist.

Wall panel with built-in fireplaceTurquoise wall decalBedroom with panoramic glass windowsModern bedroom with turquoise interior decor

The photos of the Nature Hues collection are offered as large wall murals as well as custom-sized multisurface coverings, smaller size prints and stickers. As wall murals, the photographs create stunning focal points in the interior and provide strong spatial effect. As stickers they can be used to transform furniture surfaces into unique items of top design.

All items from the collection are offered in custom sizes and made of high-quality eco-friendly materials.

Kitchen interior decor with stickersBedroom decorInterior decor murals in the bathroom

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