A vibrant, bustling conversation between color, texture and motif creates cozy, inviting conversations in these gorgeous spatial renderings by interior designer Susan Nelson. Based in Alexandria, Virginia, Nelson takes a personal approach to decking up the space, turning to fine finishes and exquisite touches to bring a highly individualistic chic to the design. The sharp and upbeat flavors of this sweet pastel spring décor exude a regal elegance that is delicate yet utterly self-assured.

Pastel spring decor  (1).jpg

Exuding a vintage charm, the floral and nature inspired theme here finds expression through both form and finish. Purples and blues dance through the space – across furnishing, fabric and surfaces- bringing an unmistakably feminine touch to this pastel spring décor.

Unlike conventional designs, these spaces strike a pose without getting too regimental or predictable. Instead, the interiors here transform the homely into a supple palette of colorful living room ideas, grounded and defined by a sharp and carefully introduced accents and colors. The motifs and patterns therefore flow into each other in a sea of gentle pastels, evoking a laid back vibe in parts and drawing attention and ideas in others.

A dash of fresh cut flowers perfectly cap an already glorious design affair, immaculately complementing the organic warmth that pervades this scheme.

Pastel spring decor  (2).jpgPastel spring decor  (3).jpgPastel spring decor  (4).jpgPastel spring decor  (5).jpg

Photography: Erik Kvalsvik

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