Home decorating ideas

Welcome to the world of decoration!  Draw inspiration from our amazing decorating ideas that will surely help you transform your house into a dream home!  We’ll fascinate you with creative decoration ideas and tips to refresh the look of each room in your home, no matter its interior style!  Enjoy our seasonal decoration, holiday decoration, or just-for-fun decoration ideas!

Bedroom Wall Sticker

People Silhouette Wall Stickers

We have already discussed the numerous wall sticker’s’ advantages. In this collection we would like to present the most popular ones – those with human silhouettes and famous people
Jelly Fish Glass Sculpture

‘Jelly Fish’ Glass Sculptures

Daniela Forti, who lives and works in Tuscany, is the creator of these one-of-the-kind works of art. She has always been attracted to various ways of glass-transformation
Fridge Decorations

Fridge Decorations

You are tired of your old kitchen furniture, but you can`t afford a new one? Cheer up! We have a quick and easy solution for you – fridge vinyl stickers! They are of great help if you are trying
Floral wall stickers

Floral Wall Stickers

Vinyl wall stickers are great opportunity to transform your home within just half an hour. Stickers have really good design and with them you can hide small defects and create an interesting