The amusing Swing Table
The amusing Swing Table
Shipping container home
Living in a Shipping Container?!?

High quality wall murals by EazyWallz

What is the fastest, easiest and cheapest way to decorate your walls? Wall murals, of course! Today we’ll show you just a few of the marvelous wall murals by the specialist in this field Eazywallz. These guys not only offer high quality and original designs, but also give you the opportunity to customize any picture or to upload your own image. How cool is that?! So, let’s review some of the designs. For kitchens and dining areas it’s best to choose a wall sticker with fresh veggies and fruits or with some flowers. They will stand out against white kitchen cabinets and walls just fine. For the living room and the bedroom you better go for a natural landscape that will optically enlarge the room. A forest or a seascape would be great. When designing your office you can get a wall sticker with some abstract image or something that will bring nature into the room, like a fresh green grass, for example. For the conference room a businesslike picture of a plane in the clouds will be a perfect fit. When it comes to the bathroom, you better consider natural images inspiring clearness and freshness like snowy mountain peaks or waterfalls. A cute sticker with a puppy will bring a smile on the face of every visitor of any public building. What did you choose?