Wondering how to incorporate Lego masterpieces into your home décor? Jane Blanchard from Modernize has some great ideas for you!

After building an incredible creation with Legos, most people want to leave these toys on display for when guests visit a home. In this situation, many homeowners struggle with blending Legos into their decor or just with finding enough space to display their work.

Read on to find out five great ideas for solving this decorating dilemma.

1. Put your Lego items on the living room shelf

5 fun ideas for displaying legos (1).jpgPhoto credit: Design Guild Homes

A living room is an ideal space to exhibit Legos. For a modern look like this one, choose white shelving to let your masterpieces shine without any distraction. This look is easily adapted for traditional homes, too — try it with a wooden entertainment center or shelving.

2. Install mini wall shelves to display Legos

5 fun ideas for displaying legos (2).jpgPhoto credit: Lindsay von Hagel

Mini wall shelves may be added almost anywhere in a home including a hallway, living room, bedroom or even a kitchen. This is a great idea for those who don’t have too much space in their home but want to display Minifigs or small creations. Just make sure you glue a Lego piece to each shelf so you can properly secure whatever will be on it.

3. Put your Legos on a high shelf

5 fun ideas for displaying legos (3).jpgPhoto credit: Cristin Priest {Simplified Bee}

A high shelf is another good idea for homeowners who want to display their Legos but don’t necessarily have the space. However, displaying them on a high shelf is a compromise because there isn’t as much visibility.

4. Create a workstation

5 fun ideas for displaying legos (4).jpgPhoto credit: Shelley Gardea

For those who are passionate about Legos, creating a workstation in a home is a nice way to add a space for playing as well as displaying these toys. Adding colorful Lego inspired chairs to this station also helps accentuate this theme. A lego workstation is often added by parents in their child’s bedroom. It may also be added to a playroom or basement.

5. Create a special Lego playroom

5 fun ideas for displaying legos (5).jpgImage credit: d2 interieurs

The great thing about this playroom is that toys may get messy, but it all adds to the theme. And who says dining tables can only be in dining rooms? Here, a table with seating for six allows for collaborative fun and plenty of room for play.

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