When you decorate your home with tiles, the possibilities are infinite. Tile comes in a sweeping array of colors and materials, and can be cut into sleek triangles, elegant squares, or intricate stars. Tile can create smooth flooring and walls, or decorate showers, bathtubs, and countertops in unique designs. What’s more—since tile is sturdy and easy to care for, your designs can continue to brighten up your kitchen, bathroom, and living room for years to come.

To help you get you started, here’s a list of some of our favorite materials, along with tips on how to use them.

Ceramic Tile

Chic and simple, ceramic tiles are ideal for walls, countertops, and floors in kitchen design and bathroom design. Ceramic tiles are made from natural materials— including clay, sand, and water. Glazed color is often added to these types of tiles to create a smooth, glossy surface.


Because porcelain is fired at a high temperature, it is very dense and resistant to water, making it a great choice for outdoor projects. Porcelain’s coloring is usually white or gray, but you can screen-print designs onto tiles to give them a unique look.


Because glass is more fragile than other materials, it’s best to keep it away from your flooring projects. Instead, use glass to decorate walls or create elegant embellishments and trims on household fixtures.

Natural Stone

Though natural stone calls for more care and upkeep than other tiles, it can be worth the extra effort. Natural stone’s simple, authentic constitution can give a sophisticated look to tub decks, baseboards, and outdoor appliances.


Brick tiles give a rustic feel to tiles and walls, and can be arranged in unique patterns. Brick is suitable for both interior and exterior projects.


To make cement tiles, cement is poured into molds before being fired or dried naturally. This manufacturing process allows for a lot of flexibility in design, so cement tiles come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors.

Exotic Tile

From colorful mirrors to seashells to semi-precious stones, exotic tile can be made from an infinite array of unique materials. Use exotic tiles to give custom touches to furniture and backsplashes, or fashion dazzling mosaics on walls and flooring.

Want more information, ideas, and tips on decorating with tile? Check out this interior design tile style guide from Drury Designs:

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