It should come as no surprise to you that plaid is a complete hit this season with fashion and interior design. Endless plaid patterns have hit all corners of the internet and clothing racks that there really is potentially too much to go around! That being said, plaid should be a pattern that is here to stay for quite some time, and really, it is one that should grace our homes (at least a little).

Decorating with plaid patterns is really something that should be left entirely up to each person’s discretion. Some may want just a hint of it here and there, while others may be looking to design a whole room in it. Whatever your taste may be, here are some ideas to get you started.


Choosing an accent chair or other similar piece of furniture in your favorite plaid pattern and color is an excellent way to make a statement with the pattern, while not overdoing it. It brings just the right amount of plaid into any room.


The same can be said of hanging curtains up in a plaid pattern. This is a much less obvious way of integrating the look into your home, but it is a really good way to have a hint of it, especially if you’re a bit weary about decorating with it. To further this idea, using lamp shades in plaid can give you the opportunity to add some of the pattern to more than just one room, without it feeling like too much.


Many people really like the idea of integrating plaid into their bedspreads. You can find a lot of really nice patterns, just be sure to pick one that more or less matches the color scheme you have going on. With having what is usually the focal point of the bedroom covered in plaid, you will want to keep the rest of the room more on the simple side—choose solids for accenting rugs and other such décor.


Decorating with plaid can be a fun thing to do, and really anyone can do it. Whether you want the smallest knick knack in the pattern or a whole wall of it, enjoy implementing a new and adorable look into your home.

Images via Pinterest