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Cheerful Easter Table Settings and Centerpieces

The Easter bunny is on his way! Not only does he bring gifts of special eggs and other treats, but he also helps ring in the wonderful season of spring! After a long winter, we can all agree that a warm welcome is much-needed!

Start preparing your Easter festivities with refreshing décor that the whole family will love. These fun Easter table setting ideas will create the perfect atmosphere for dying eggs, making Easter baskets and enjoying an Easter feast to celebrate a season of bringing forth life to new things!

Fresh Spring Flowers

There’s nothing like the smell of freshly picked flowers. Standing in the middle of a field of natural fragrance and taking a big deep breath is just enough to send your senses to the highest of heavens! To get the same effect in your home, you can add flowers that serve as captivating centerpieces for your dining room table.

An arrangement of daffodils and moss creates a beautifully soft green palette that symbolizes renewal and vitality. Another daffodil rendition adds a bit of rustic style with wood baskets bearing personalized eggs. In another style, by keeping the tableware old-fashioned and simple, tulip arrangements are free to spread fun bursts of colors. Adding some jasmine to the tulips also stimulates the senses in an enticing way!

Images found on: betweennapsontheporch.net and Jenny Hobick

Branches of Hope

In addition to using flowers as centerpieces for your table, you can also get creative with different variations of branches. The symbolism of branches represents the expectation of new life growing from the roots. I don’t know about you, but I love witnessing the blossom of something promising!

A minimalist approach to a tree branch centerpiece allows for the vibrant colors of eggs and porcelain birds to liven up your guests at the table. Creating a “tree runner” across the length of the table with eggs, blossoms and lush bird’s nests adds some depth and interaction as well.

If you’re looking for a more natural way to decorate your table, adding moss and real dyed eggs are always a hit!

Spring table centerpiece - idea with branches and eggs

Easter table decoration with branches and eggs

Images found on: marthastewart.com

Eggs and Nests

If you want to bring more attention to the theme of eggs and nests, there are plenty of styles to choose from. With uniquely shaped vases, you can fill them with a little grass, robin’s eggs and candles for a cozy feel. Adding speckled eggs to cute basket styles helps bring one of nature’s finest moments to your home.

If you’re looking for more color, you can go all out with a blue-jay theme of DIY vibrant blues to complement the perfect sized nests. How cute!

Images found on: potterybarn.com 1, 2, marthastewart.com

Bunny Love

What’s Easter without the star of the holiday? Rabbits are symbolic of good luck, fertility and comfort, so adding some of their sentiment to your Easter table setting would surely bring some abundance to your family and friends who choose to dine with you.

If you want to add a little humor and cuteness to the table, pink egg-shaped bunnies with adorable felt ears will have you smiling while spending time with loved ones.

If you’re one of the lucky ones where spring comes little early, adding moss bunnies to your outdoor Easter table settings would be the perfect complement to other natural décor.

Want to add a little sophistication to your table? Incorporating bunny votive holders to an outdoor Easter table style would look great as the sun sets.

For you fabulous ones out there who need a little more glitz and glam on your table, glitter bunnies will give you just enough pizazz for your liking.

Pink egg-shaped bunnies as a Easter decoration

Image found here

Moss bunnies as Easter decor

Image found here

Bunny multi votive centerpiece

Bunny votive holders

Images found on: potterybarn.com

Serve it Up!

Now that you have your Easter table decorated in a way that suits you and your guests, it’s time to add some style to the way you will serve and present the delicious food! To add some natural inspiration to your napkins, burlap bunny ear napkin holders create just the right amount of texture to your table.

Images found on: potterybarn.com

You also have the option of showcasing your napkin-folding skills by folding napkins to form the perfect festive bunny shapes for your plates. If you’re not a big fan of white, bright colors with fun patterns will help energize the table too. These crafted napkins would look great against the backdrop of fresh bright flowers!

Here’s a great bunny napkin folding video tutorial from BHG

Creating a warm display of Easter décor is a surefire way to help spring come a little faster!

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