Sure, we all choose a place to eat based greatly on the quality of food, the level of service provided, and the overall vibe experienced in a restaurant. But who can honestly say they’ve never wandered into a restaurant based solely on how it looked from the outside? Well, this is definitely one such place we’d be willing to be.

The Peixaria Moderna, which is actually a modern fish market, also functions as a wonderfully modern and hip restaurant and bar. Designed by Gastronomia do Principe Real and ATELIER 4+, this Lisbon based restaurant and fish market locale is very innovative and stylish.

You can feel an excellent vibe of what the restaurant is all about based on the decor and design of the place. With perfectly rustic furniture and structures, it maintains its very contemporary look while looking very inviting and cozy. The accents of contemporary art pieces are a nice touch; we love the antiquated look being contrasted with modernism. The plants in each room let you know this is definitely a more organic or health driven place, which is certainly a positive thing.

Needless to say, this restaurant is definitely a place we would not mind trying out.


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