When we hear the word ‘hostel’ we’re immediately brought to images of dark, dingy, and worn our spaces that are crammed with travelers from all over. While it’s true, hostels are meant to house wanderers and groups of traveling adventurers, they’re not all as bad as you may think. In fact, some are gorgeous displays of innovation and cutting edge design.

The Twin Cities hostel, for example, is located in the heart of St. Petersburg, Russia just minutes from the local train station, making it the perfect spot to set up a hotel. The fact that it’s a hotel with a contemporary hostel design just makes it that much more appealing to young travelers.

Twin Cities Melbourne hostel facade Twin Cities Melbourne hostel front door

The main objective was to create a European style youth hostel with a warm, cozy atmosphere, home style hospitality and modern hostel interiors which evoke the spirit of the second largest Australian city. The task was achieved by KYD BURO and the result is Twin Cities Melbourne, a youth hostel that can house up to twenty-eight people.

Upon first entering the hostel you’re met with the front desk, a modern design of simple lines and minimal footprint. To the right and throughout, the hostel rooms can be found, smartly placed and laid out to maximize occupancy but still leave ample space for the shared living areas. The rec room boasts fun primary colors and modern furniture. Natural plywood material was used for the majority of the interior design, generously applied to walls, doors, and furniture.

Twin Cities Melbourne reception desk Twin Cities Melbourne colorful design Twin Cities Melbourne public space Twin Cities Melbourne entertainment room Hostel corridor Contemporary Hostel Design (8) Contemporary Hostel Design (9) Contemporary Hostel Design (10)

The simple but stunning bathrooms share similar natural wood tones but are mixed with clean white tiles and white porcelain fixtures. The Twin Cities Melbourne is definitely a level above most youth hostels today, and offers so much more than just a place to rest your head.

Hostel restroom Modern hostel bathroom

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