If you were on the lookout for the perfect island getaway, well search no further, for you have found your paradise! We had not heard of many furniture companies stepping outside of the retail or design business, but contemporary furniture brand Dedon has done just that. On the east coast of Siargao in the Philippines, Dedon has opened its own high-end design resort called Dedon Island. They have done this in collaboration with designers Jean-Marie Massaud and Daniel Pouzet. This nine-villa resort embodies what Dedon stands for (think nature, sustainable goods, and the simple but good life).


One of the staples on Dedon Island is the hanging pods, otherwise known as ‘Nestrests”. These stylish and heavenly pods  are crafted with comfort in mind and space to lounge about. They fit in perfectly with the design of the rest of the resort. Simple lines, neutral colors, natural woods and other materials encompass the design of this nirvana. The balance of chicness and austerity is perfect, helping further that feeling of ease during your stay.


On top of the wonderful villas on land and the Nestrests, there are also Swingrests and lovely over-the-water lounging areas for you to enjoy. With a porch swing and room to sprawl out and relax, the view of the water and the island, these water huts are the perfect place for leisure or a quick break from a surfing trip.

What is referred to as Dedon Island, offers you more than just a hotel, it offers you a rejuvenating and relaxing experience. It is a place for you to retreat, kick your shoes off, and focus on creating your own bliss while you are there.

So as you plan your next get away, do keep in mind Dedon Island; it is the perfect place to retreat for renewal and emerge back into the world with a fresh new mind full of elation and clarity.

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