Have you ever wondered what to do with those empty glass jars and thought about turning them into original pieces of decorative art? Here are a few ideas that could inspire you to change your perception of those glass jars and help you turn them into Christmas masterpieces.

Glass jars of any shape or size can be transformed into wonderful and festive decorations with a little time, effort and some enthusiasm. You can wow your friends and family with your creations and make keepsakes that can be re-used each Christmas with ease.

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Fill any shape of glass jar with beads, bows, bells or anything else that will sparkle and shimmer for an instant effect. Add a natural touch with shells, pieces of wood or holly or other greenery for a natural but pleasing addition to your Christmas decorations. Place different sized or shapes of jars together to form a group and embellish them with special tokens that carry the festive cheer easily. Add a candle or figurine and you have a jar that is extremely special and also spreads joy to others.

Express yourself this holiday season with a grand display of Christmas glass jars all filled with various things and made with love !

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