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Upholstered Headboard for a Comfy Bedroom

While the bed is the focal point of the bedroom, it is the headboard that is the focal point of the bed itself.

Contemporary trends in furniture design offer a large variety of options and creative ideas for this particular piece, in shapes, styles, materials and colors to match and to provide an additional touch to the overall design of the bedroom. Wooden, metallic, upholstered, even “false” (wall decals) headboards – the variants are there to the taste of everyone.

And it’s not just their décor value that makes the bed headboards so special, but their functionality, too. Some include shelves for books, decorative items or artwork, others hold pillows and provide a comfortable nook to lean in and read or watch TV.

The headboards providing ultimate comfort and warmth to any bedroom are the upholstered headboards. These come in a seemingly endless variety of designs, blending the somewhat ‘retro’ spirit with contemporary aesthetics and sleek silhouettes to achieve an ideal balance.

Have a look at this beautiful Hypnos headboard collection for inspiration, and don’t miss our guide on what to consider before buying a headboard below.

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Before choosing what upholstered headboard to buy, however, it would be wise to consider a few things.

First, choose the shape – it could be completely square, have rounded or cut corner edges, or other shapes.

Next, decide on the size. Oversized headboards, for example, are quite popular; these are usually wider and taller than the bed or the mattress. Some can cover half or even the entire wall behind the bed. While others match the width of the bed and are high just enough as to hold the pillows but to also add a touch of luxury feel.

Color, pattern, and print selection is the next step. The variety here is mind-blowing, but all you need is to decide which would fit best the design theme and the color palette of your bedroom, either matching or contrasting it.

Material is next. From fine linen or luxurious fabric, through microfiber, to daring leather – the choice is yours. Each variant has its advantages and disadvantages. Leather looks stylish and elegant, and is easy to clean, but some may consider it a bit too ‘cold’ for a bedroom. Soft textiles ensure comfort and add more texture to the décor; besides, here the choice of color and print is rich. Unfortunately, upholstery fabric is more difficult to clean and maintain.

Padding is very important, too. Some upholstered headboards feature stylish padding in geometrical shapes, or just an elegant curve along the edges – a very good choice for the contemporary style bedroom. The classical style tufted headboards, on the other hand, are still considered most popular.

Finally, consider the upholstery studs and whether or not you like them to be part of the design, on the outside of the fabric, or hidden underneath.

With so many features of one only piece of furniture, the popularity of the upholstered headboards is completely understandable. They provide style, beauty and elegance to the bedroom décor, and are so irresistibly soft that you can’t help but to pet them!

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