Colorful kids’ room décor
Colorful kids’ room décor
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Various kitchen designs

Ensure Your Bedroom is Feng Shui Friendly

We spend one-third of our lives in the bedroom.  According to the ancient spiritual discipline of Feng Shui, our bed is energetically connected to each of us, and can be optimised to change our fortunes in romance, stability and better health.

Feng Shui focusses on a person’s internal landscape in relation to the physical environment of their home. Chi flows through all objects within the living space and each item in or around that space has some effect on whether Chi moves freely or is clogged.

Therefore, by arranging a room in a certain way, you can promote a positive flow of energy so that your life will be enriched in health, happiness, prosperity, love and contentment.

The Commanding Position

First thing’s first: your bed should be in the commanding position.

The command position is facing the door from the opposite side of the room, but not to be in direct alignment with the door. The premise behind this positioning is that you will benefit from the Chi that enters and flows through the space, whilst being far enough away that the energy is not too strong.

A bed directly facing the door is sometimes referred to as the ‘coffin position’, and is thought to cause health problems including chronic fatigue and stress.

To create a sense of stability, you should also make sure that your bed is positioned with a wall behind, so that you face out to command the room. Try not to position the bed in front of a window, as glass is thought to allow the flow of energy in and out of the room, causing restless sleep.


Your bed should also feel balanced, and so should match on either side. Bedside tables should be the same size, and if one has a lamp, the other should too. Whether you’re in a relationship or single, placing things in pairs is a good thing to balance your life.


We all have different preferences on mattress, whether that’s soft or firm. The ideal mattress is whatever is comfortable for the person using it so that they can get a good night’s sleep.

Disciples of Feng Shui believe that mattresses absorb energy each night. Therefore, it’s recommended that a the mattress is changed every seven or eight years, and if possible, should be changed in the event of a major life change or an illness where a lot of time was spent in bed.

Aside from the bed, there are a number of other aspects of the bedroom that can be optimised for Feng Shui:

  • Never keep your working desk or computer in your bedroom: the energy of computer (work) and that of rest (bed) are opposite to each other and are therefore incompatible
  • Likewise, exercise equipment or any electrical items are a no-no as this type of active chi is not appropriate for the sanctuary of a bedroom
  • If possible, choose a room at the back of the house for the bedroom, away from commotion and outside noise
  • Hang art that exudes happiness rather than dark meaning
  • De-clutter: having clutter around – even if it’s hidden in the wardrobe or under the bed – represents unfinished business and can hinder sleep

Remember, the bedroom should be used for two things: rest and romance. You probably won’t be able to follow all of the above guidelines, but stick to these basic principles of Feng Shui and you should start feeling the positive benefits in no time.

This article was written by Lauren Grice on behalf of The Odd Mattress Company, specialists in handmade bespoke mattresses. Click here to visit the website.

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