Imagine long summer days staying indoors curled up in a comfortable chair with a book to read. This is what the image of a gorgeous bedroom in a house in Spain evokes to the watchful eye. Tasteful décor and turquoise accents dominate the entire space along with a collection of country pieces – from fabrics, to rugs and furniture items. Floral arrangement placed on wooden table tops and shelves add beauty and grace to the room. Rugs and carpets placed here and there complement the walls and drapes’ cool and fresh colors. You can find chairs with delicately carved armrest and leather cushions placed near the windows with throw pillows in an assortment of colors and designs.







This gorgeous bedroom with its classic country motif is built with high ceilings and wooden beams, with walls plastered and painted in monochrome hues. Glass doors open through an open porch outside overlooking the garden. The play of light and air hints freedom of movement, an aura of ease and lightness for the ones who dwell in this abode. A medium- sized bed covered with checkered covers and linens promises a restful sleep, pleasant dreams and bright mornings to look forward to.

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