The design of this master suite comes to us from the mind of designer Jackie Higgins of Beach Glass Design, located in New York. We see a lot of the initial color scheme here of neutrals, whites, and black. But the accenting colors chosen for this elegant bedroom are a bit rare. The use of gold and turquoise to contrast with the neutrals is both very refreshing and rather serene. Rather than use an eggplant or plum color with the gold the turquoise is truly a breath of fresh air. This is a room you’d see in a luxurious beach-side home.


We love the light use of patterns in this elegant bedroom as well. While the footstool’s pattern does stand out, it still manages to be subtle enough that it blends well with its surrounding neutral colored bed. On the other hand we love how loud the curtains are in the corner of the room.  The bright turquoise and white combination really adds to the color scheme of the whole room, while bringing a little bit of excitement to the overall look of the room as well. We also really appreciate the knick knacks and wall decor matching the turquoise and gold palette, it wraps things up just right.


Published in: Bedroom | Author: Dustyn