Bathrooms are, very often, taken for granted. Generally, they tend to be very simple rooms which see less use than the rest of the house. That is why this garden bathroom is so unique, it stands out compared to the traditional style bathrooms. The enclosure itself sits on a raised platform over a small pond, the actual room itself is built with very fine redwood.  Glass windows have been installed all around the little room giving the occupant a wonderful and relaxing view throughout their visit. The designers, James Wong and David Cubero have really outdone themselves with this little treat.


The most magnificent feature of this garden bathroom is, of course, the garden.  Plants of all shapes and sizes grow from every surface. This creates a very intimate feeling of being one with nature. Not only do the plants give off this wonderful sense, but look into the pools of water and one can see brightly colored fish swimming throughout. Nothing can possibly be more relaxing than sitting in the pearly white tub and watching schools of fish swim to and fro.

Elegant walkways are built to navigate around the various forms of life in this garden bathroom. Even these are designed with the calming feel of nature. Whether it be the hardwood paths or the natural stone and pebble everything feels quite natural.

This garden bathroom is an absolute spectacle to behold. In a world where the bathroom has typically undergone the same styles and color schemes it stands as a fascinating and unique gem. Yes, this is truly a wonderful room built to envelop the user with a sense of relaxation and a feeling of living alongside Mother Nature.