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Mirror on the Wall: Freshening Up Your Bathroom

Upon waking up and getting your day started, the very first thing you do is head straight to the bathroom. Sometimes you’re wide awake on the way there, and at other times you are close to sleepwalking. In either case, it’s human nature and oh so essential. Your bathroom mirror becomes one of the central points of your daily session as grooming requires some literal reflection. As you brush your teeth, wash your face and tend to your unruly morning hair, wouldn’t it also be refreshing to look at your reflection in LED bathroom cabinet mirrors?

Interior design and appliances are enhancing at exponential rates nowadays, but you won’t ever hear us complaining at all about how innovative and cool these advancements are! These LED bathroom cabinet mirrors by Pebble Grey take your bathroom experience to a whole new level. With these designs, you no longer have to look at tarnished metal around your cabinet mirrors or get frustrated over not having enough lighting while cutting your hair or doing your makeup.

These bathroom cabinet mirrors help provide their own lighting for those days or nights where you just need to take a quick peek. Thanks to its design, it’s eco-friendly and quite conservative on energy so you will also feel like you’re contributing to the betterment of the planet every time you use them. You can’t beat that! Whether you’re looking for a rectangular or circular shape, you can find great designs that will suit whatever shape you desire, along with different LED designs.

Don’t be surprised if these bathroom mirrors cause you to completely redo your bathroom!

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LED bathroom cabinet mirrors  (2).jpg

LED bathroom cabinet mirrors  (3).jpg

LED bathroom cabinet mirrors  (4).jpg

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