Good things come in small packages !  You might disagree as you look around your tight and cramped bathroom, but a few swift moves can transform even the tiniest of spaces to accommodate the grandest of ideas and designs. This is a not a stage for the random; tight footprints necessitate a more rationalized approach that is inherently consolidated and organized into fluid and elegant strokes.

8 Simple and assuredly effective ways to reinvent and upsize your bathroom, no matter how humble or small

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Here’s our guide on How to make a small bathroom look big in details

1. Let there be light!

Bathrooms, or any other space for that matter, open up visually and spatially when bathed in an abundance of light. Open up those windows and allow light to bounce off the many reflective surfaces found here, magnifying its volume with every turn and play.

Enhance the impact and experience of your space by increasing the size of any existing openings, dressing these up in pale colored shades that do not obstruct or block light.

Further, to maximize on light in the afterhours, switch to white LEDs which are not only 10 to 15 times more cost-effective and long lasting than compact fluorescent bulbs, but also keep your room much cooler and comfortable.

2. Make it all white

When it comes to decking your bathroom, white is not only a safe but also sound choice of color, especially in the urban context where space comes at a premium.

Introducing colors into a space creates stronger definitions that may make your room look more compact; choosing an all-white scheme however brings fluidity to the décor that defies any spatial and dimensional constraints that may exist. The secret here lies in small details. Don’t just limit yourself to the choice of sanitary ware; make sure your accessories, towel rails and fittings, fabrics and tiles complement this design intent- explore shades of white and pale pastels, metal finishes and glass elements for a clean and spacious feel.

3. Tear down your cabinets

Cabinets, no matter how useful, can cost you a lot of floor and visual space introducing a more cluttered tone into your bathroom. Their design too often stands in stark contrast to the remainder of the bathroom in terms of lines, proportions and material, making them less than desirable when trying to amplify your space.

For a more fluid and contemporary look lift your storage off the floor onto elevated shelves and racks to open up the circulation and lines of sight. If you must include some cabinet space, opt for lighter designs such as glass fronted draws or mirrored cabinets.

4. Get rid of your vanity

Move from chunky vanity units to more a streamlined storage and display arrangement in your bathroom. Vanities are not only heavy and space intensive, they can easily get out of hand and bring disorganized clutter into your bathroom.

In tidying up your space and design, you might want to ditch the traditional vanity units and countertops in favor of a simple and elegant pedestal mounted wash basin. This opens up the area and ensures you not only update the design of your bathroom, but also how you use it.

5. More mirrors are a must

When trying to explode the look and potential of your bathroom, mirrors are a secret weapon. These can exponentially increase the spatial feel of a fixed volume, while absorbing any odd corners or features into them.

The thumb rule when using mirrors however is to treat them as surfaces, not as elements. Therefore wash an entire wall in a mirror and go as big as you can, rather than hanging tiny mirrors, to maximize on their effect. You can even opt for multiple mirrors layered atop each other to create optical illusions that blur any spatial constraints and rigidity.

6. Try a different door

A usually missed opportunity when upgrading your bathroom is the door; the size and profile as well as finish of your door can play a marked role in your décor scheme.

Hinged doors are the most common occurrence but these usually swing into the bathroom and eat up precious space. Instead of the conventional hinged arrangement you might want to consider a sliding or bi-folding door that is functionally adept without costing you much.

If this is too far-fetched a possibility for you, then simply try to reverse the way your door swings – adapt it to swing outwards (ensuring the neighboring space permits it) or swing indoors into the main volume of the bathroom, resting against a flat vertical surface.

Also, don’t forget to co-ordinate the inner face of your door to complement your décor scheme!

7. Make your shower see through

In a tight footprint, articulating different zones without cramping the space up can get quite tricky. Ideally speaking it is best to waterproof your entire bathroom and do away with unnecessary obstructions altogether. However, if this isn’t possible then thanks to glass and a plethora of transparent materials, you can still functionally and aesthetically optimize your space within its small footprint.

Move away from opaque shower curtains or even frosted surfaces; opt for transparent screens when articulating a shower space or creating a partition between dry and wet areas of your bathroom.

8. Turn your door into a storage space

Most bathroom doors end up with yesterday’s clothes hanging carelessly from them, but if you are to expand your design then a little trimming and de-cluttering is in order.

Infact you can free up the walls of your bathroom by shifting storage and fittings onto the inner face of your door. Towel rails, shelves and even a toiletries holder can be neatly composed onto the door leaf without compromising on its aesthetics or structural and functional viability.

Take things a step further by integrating these functions into your door design, arriving at a sturdier and more long lasting solution.

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