So many things that we need in the bathroom! How to find popper storage solutions, especially if the bathroom is not that large?

First off, no matter how small your bathroom is, you can always find place for all necessary accessories.

If you don’t have enough space for larger cabinets, you can always use a hanging basket (or a couple more) that will make room for any needed stuff. It’s original, it’s beautiful and it’s practical!

For the towels, here are a few original ideas: Mount a set of several shelves on the wall, roll the towels and arrange them on the shelves. Easy to do, easy to use!

Another idea of how to use shelves in the bathroom is to place on them wicker baskets to hold folded towels.

Besides towels, the shelves will be very convenient to hold all your cute little toiletries, souvenirs and any other smaller items.

Shelves can be replaced by little “boxes” mounted directly on the wall in some beautiful arrangement. These can be used with the same success and for the same purposes as shelves, but look so original!

An original alternative  to towel racks, rings or other standard holders is a decorative ladder freestanding against the wall.  Its different levels can be used to hang boxes to keep smaller items, too.

Racks with and without drawers/plastic containers are also a very good storage solution in the bathroom. Just make sure to either place them in the drier part of the bathroom (if space allows it), or choose products made of rust-proof materials.

To make your bathroom neat and beautiful, you can draw inspiration from these bathroom storage ideas:


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