3 steps to preparing your home for Christmas
3 Steps to Prepare Your Home for Christmas
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Adding Comfort to Your Bathroom With a Towel Radiator

When it comes to comfort in the home, it is typically a rather easy thing to obtain through comfy pieces of furniture, luxurious blankets and pillows, fire places or heaters, or anything else that may come to mind. However, there is one part of the home that may not get the same level of attention in acquiring comfort as the rest of the home—the bathroom. Sure, we can purchase all of the spa quality cosmetics, bath oils, and shower tools our hearts desire, but there’s still always something missing, and it’s not more bath salts.

Say for example, you are getting out of the hot, steamy shower, and you reach for your towel but you find that it is still damp from the day before. Now that is just going to put a damper on the whole experience for you. Maybe it isn’t damp but your bathroom is freezing; wouldn’t it be nice to have something that provides a hint of warmth, especially as we are heading into winter?

Say hello to the product that will keep you dry and warm this season: the towel radiator. Instead of hanging your towels on your run-of-the-mill rail or rack, having one that emits heat while you shower is such a simple addition to the bathroom, but makes such a difference in your level of comfort.  Not only will they heat your towels or dry them quickly, if necessary, they also keep control the level of moisture in your bathroom! This helps keep mildew, mold, and germs from forming in your bathroom.

You can buy a towel radiator in a number of different styles. More and more manufacturers are starting to design and create these, due to their increase in popularity. While this is a wonderful addition to any bathroom, one of the best parts is they are becoming available in a whole variety of styles.  The most popular materials being used are brass, polished chrome, and satin nickel, but we’re sure you could find some more out there if you have a different style in mind. But really, no matter what style of design you have in your bathroom, you are sure to find a match! Also, you will have some options that include a timer on the rack, which will keep your usage at an optimal level, thus not really increasing your overall energy use.

So don’t delay any longer, and go get yourself a towel radiator. It will transform your shower experience into an even more enjoyable one.

Here are some designs we found on Bath Empire:


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