Amazing architecture

Presenting some of the most exciting architectural projects, icons and landmarks built and designed across the globe. From idea to completion, these homes and buildings are brimming with the creative genius that is sure to make an impression on you and your home. Stay tuned to all the buzz in the architectural landscape with this exclusive catalogue of designs.

A Futuristic Jungle House in Brazil

A Futuristic Jungle House in Brazil

This architectural gem is definitely a sight to see! Enjoy spectacular views and incredible house design in the Rain Forest!
Fox Hollow's house unique roof design

A Sight to See: Non-Traditional House Architecture

In the outback of Paso Robles, California you will find a unique house design, one that you have to see to believe.
Spectacular Family House

A Spectacular Family House

La Casa en el Bosque is a Mexican dream home that appeals both nature lovers and contemporary design fans.
Forest weekend house

A Forest Weekend House

Looking for a place to connect with nature, gather your thoughts, and rejuvenate your power? Do it in style right here!
Vijayawada Garden Estate

Building a Green House in the Sky

Penda Architecture and Design offer to our attention another mind-blowing project that brings architecture to a whole new level!
A Charming Hotel Close to Nature

Unique Hotel Close to Nature

This outstanding hotel project is designed to offer its guests a one-of-a-kind experience and let them sleep "with the birds" !
The Pond House at Ten Oaks Farm

The Pond House at Ten Oaks Farm

Located by a beautiful pond, this modern home has a vertical compact structure offering cozy interior and splendid views.
Bamboo house in Bali

The Amazing Bamboo House B&B in Bali

This absolutely stunning bed & breakfast in Indonesia offers its visitors 6 floors of amazing bamboo architecture and much more!
Futuristic Concept House in Scotland

Futuristic Concept House in Scotland

Unique architectural innovation, the Roost House is a futuristic concept that allows you to live in the sky over Scotland.
Sustainable House

Sustainable House Serenades the Rockies

Not the traditional mountain retreat, this sustainable house will impress you with amazing architecture and modern interiors.
Futuristic Home in Connecticut

Futuristic Home Lands in Connecticut

Among acres of green meadow lies the 18.36.54 House – an architectural marvel in contrast with the natural landscape.
Artful urban architecture

Artful Urban Architecture in Melbourne

When in Melbourne don’t forget to pass by the 2 Girls Building. Its marvelous artistic architecture will leave you speechless.