This amazing cave hotel concept is located in China, in the Songjiang District. It will be built into an abandoned quarry, at the bottom of Tianmensham Mountain, that is a hundred feet high. It is named InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland Hotel (the Quarry Hotel) and it will take approximately three years to complete by the british architecture studio Atkins.


On the roof of this nineteen floor hotel a waterfall will flow down the length of the building, providing amazing views from the hotel rooms. The architects are interested in creating a hanging garden in the air, therefore beautiful greenery will line the top of the hotel, fifteen meters above the cave. The top of the hotel looks like a green wonderland. We love the combination of the lively greenery at the top and the serene water at the bottom. Domes add lovely variety to the roof of the hotel, and glass adds significant interest to the entire structure. Two floors will be underwater and the other seventeen floors will be constructed into the cave, overlooking the delightful lake.


The cave hotel will have four hundred rooms, an extreme-sports area, an underwater restaurant, an aquarium, a swimming pool, and a water sports facility: simply phenomenal.


Sustainability will be very important in the design of this extraordinary cave hotel. The architects have already planned to use geothermal power to provide the hotel with lights and energy.


The exterior of this hotel is truly fascinating. We can’t wait to see the inside of this awesome building, between the amenities and the architecture, it is sure to provide a one of a kind experience.

Simply outstanding architecture!

Update: The hotel opened on 15 November 2018. See real images here.

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