Cabin Skåtøy: a peaceful sea cabin
Cabin Skåtøy: A Peaceful Sea Cabin
Monochrome Scandinavian apartment
Delving In Monochrome Interior Design

Small Scandinavian Apartment is Big on Impressions

The unique charm of the Nordic style is its ability to communicate refinement through sheer simplicity- both aesthetically and functionally. And if this seems like too lofty an ambition, here is another apartment design to illustrate just how it is done. Uninhibited seas of white, sensuous silhouettes in bold unapologetic lines, pops of color and plenty of natural light – and voila! You have more than just a space and time on your hands; you have unparalleled architectural delight to enjoy and behold. This time it is in a design for a small Scandinavian apartment by Studio Cuvier.

A Scandinavian style living room

Lovely open spaces, rendered with typical modernist restraint and consideration yet unraveling in laid back informality, welcome you into this stunning home. The white offers a canvas for the life and times of this small Scandinavian apartment and its occupants, bringing the spectrum of individualities, ideas and ambitions together in fluid harmony. Pops of color are introduced through accent, element and accessories, punctuating the seemingly endless backdrop in a fun and welcome way. The approach also brings a clear dynamism to this space, as the décor changes and adapts with movements in the lifestyle and elements within it. Suave and stylish, this is one home that doesn’t just look good; it makes everything within it shine out as well!

A Scandinavian style living room

Scandinavian living room

Scandinavian bookcase

Small dining area

Small kitchen corner

Scandinavian style hallway

Small home office in the bedroom

Scandinavian style bedroom design

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