Small space living has never looked quite so luxuriously chic. This small apartment in Lublin, Poland has everything going for it: stylish wall accents, bursts of vibrant color, and a lofted, spacious bedroom that seems like a whole separate world. Just off Old Market Square, the apartment is easily accessible, soaking up the atmosphere and history of the area.

Small apartment in Poland

Interiors Home and Wood employed the tried-and-true method of adding a mezzanine loft to maximize the potential of 30 square meters / 323 square feet, but they took it into a far different direction.

Rather than matching the bedroom space to the rest of the apartment, they gave the floor the hardwood treatment and painted the walls a deep, rich green. They then planted the bed right in the middle of the space, flanked by glowing light fixtures, and filled out the corners with plants. This gives the loft room a sense of otherworldliness that redefines the use of a mezzanine floor.

Mezzanine bedroom

A high ceiling in the living room dispels the cramped, cloistered feel that so many small space living arrangements have. The white walls glow with natural light from the apartment’s main window, breaking up the flat surface with white-painted frames and accents, giving the room historical character without cluttering the walls with excessive décor. This puts the focus on the art that is featured: Hieronymus Bosch paintings that bring vibrant life to the walls.

Chic studio apartmentArt in the living room

The kitchen focuses on whites and cream-toned wood to create an intimate space for preparation, enlarged from the original floor plan. The bathroom manages to maintain a sense of luxury through the creative use of green tiling, white marble, and the same cream-toned wood it shares with the kitchen.

While a great example of space used well, the designers took a widely-accepted design choice and give it a unique, bold twist. This 30-square meters apartment has comfort, luxurious style, and in-the-thick convenience for active couples or solo adventurers in need of a fashionable escape.

Modern white and cream kitchenGreen and cream bathroom

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