Apartment designs

To help you make the most of modern living, in this section we offer you an exclusive peek into the most exciting and creative apartments from across the world. Spanning a range of sizes, scales, aesthetic sensibilities, locations and lifestyles, these interiors and designs are sure to leave you brimming with ideas for your own pad.

Scandinavian living room

Small Scandinavian Apartment is Big on Impressions

The Scandinavian style is always an excellent choice for the interior.
Contemporary Penthouse

Contemporary Penthouse In Kiev

The interiors of this amazing penthouse have been specially designed to create a relaxing ambiance for a young man.
Lobby in a luxury building

5 Reasons to Fall in Love with These Luxury Condos in Florida

These condos will make you want to change your address!
Modern Tiny Apartment in Macedonia

Modern Tiny Apartment in Macedonia

Finding intimacy in openness – this is the best way to describe today’s stunning apartment design in Skopje. Come on in!
Pastel apartment interiors

Pastel Interiors and a Romance with the Past

This elegant open plan apartment will impress you with its delicate pastel interiors and soothing ambiance. Let`s have a look!
Eclectic apartment

Private Apartment Boasts Eclectic Design

Explore this amazing apartment in Vitosha Mountain, Bulgaria! You will be delighted by its pleasant color palette and eclectic design!
Stylish industrial apartment

Stylish Interior Design with Industrial Overtones

Enjoy this urban apartment! Located in Taiwan, it features stylish interior design with industrial flair and many interesting details.
Modern industrial apartment

Industrialized Musings: Contemporary Loft in Soho

Designer Oliver Burns creates a loft apartment in London that features contemporary style interior with a lot of industrial details.
Creative small space ideas

Unleash Big Potential with Small Space Solutions

It`s not so bad to live in a tiny apartment and we`re going to prove it. Take a look at this home with clever space-saving solutions!
Minimalist apartment

The Sleek Interiors of “The Love Apartment”

You will fall in love with "The Love Apartment". This home offers sleek interiors, exquisite custom made furniture and a lot more!
Small guest apartment

The Boiler House Guest Apartment

It`s amazing how an old boiler room can be turned into a cozy small guest apartment. This design is really creative!
Scandinavian apartment

Cozy Chic Apartment in Sweden

This elegant and cozy apartment in Sweden is a great example of Scandinavian charm. Inspiration comes in white.