Apartment designs

To help you make the most of modern living, in this section we offer you an exclusive peek into the most exciting and creative apartments from across the world. Spanning a range of sizes, scales, aesthetic sensibilities, locations and lifestyles, these interiors and designs are sure to leave you brimming with ideas for your own pad.

A Vintage Apartment with a Modern Flare

Open airy spaces, vintage furnishings and modern accents make this Barcelona apartment a dream to live in!
Muted Minimalist White Apartment

Muted Minimalist White Apartment

Perfectly white and cleverly designed this apartment in Taipei is a tenant's dream. You will love it too!

Colorful Modern Apartment Décor

Both modern and cozy this unique apartment design will surprise you with wonderful pops of teal and red!
10 Easy to Follow Design Ideas for Small Apartments

10 Easy to Follow Design Ideas for Small Apartments

Small city living just got better! Learn all the tricks and enjoy a more spacious and well organized apartment!
Exquisite Modern Dark Interiors

Exquisite Modern Dark Interiors

The contemporary black décor of this apartment is definitely something you don't see every day. Do not miss it!
Design Jewel with a Japanese Twist

Interior Design Jewel with a Japanese Twist

This lovely Bulgarian apartment boasts a clean minimalist look in black and red and elegant Japanese style decorative accents.
Penthouse by Knof design

Panoramic Penthouse Perfection

You can’t help but fall in love with this breath-taking 360-degree panoramic penthouse in Sofia.
Contemporary Warehouse Conversion

Successful Contemporary Warehouse Conversion

Any man’s dream, this contemporary loft offers a variety of design ideas and unique features. Step inside and see for yourself!
Vivid Ideas for a Bright Apartment

Vivid Ideas for a Bright Apartment

This modern and fresh apartment in Paris is a young designer's dream. Just wait until you see the kitchen!
Modern small apartment in Bulgaria

Modern Small Apartment Design in Bulgaria

Limited on size but definitely not on style, this small apartment will fascinate you with modern furnishings, clear lines and fresh colors!

Choreographing a Modern Black and White Interior

If contemporary interiors and smart design are your passion then do not miss this amazing apartment by Olga Akulova Design!
Monochrome Scandinavian apartment

Delving In Monochrome Interior Design

Welcome to the world of a young woman with exquisite taste and unique vision! Enjoy this black and white fairy-tale!