Apartment designs

To help you make the most of modern living, in this section we offer you an exclusive peek into the most exciting and creative apartments from across the world. Spanning a range of sizes, scales, aesthetic sensibilities, locations and lifestyles, these interiors and designs are sure to leave you brimming with ideas for your own pad.

Industrial Sophistication in an Australian Apartment

Industrial Sophistication in an Australian Apartment

Located in an iconic building in Melbourne, this apartment boasts of an impressively vast space and unusual layout.
Amazing White Apartment

Daring, Amazing White Apartment

Crisp white interiors, contemporary furniture and decor items and smart design solutions come together to impress you!
Beautiful attic home

Beautiful Attic Home

Under Paris Skies: A Cozy Studio on the Top Floor

Here is how a small abandoned attic in Paris has been turned into a cozy studio-apartment.
Minimalist loft

Kissed by Style: Attic Loft in Prague

A great mixture of attic spaces in calming colors and stylish furniture awaits you in this lovely loft apartment in Prague. Enjoy!
Attic Duplex in Madrid

Attic Duplex in Madrid

The unconventional disposition of this apartment is due to the fact that it used to be a press house. After its renovation the duplex is transformed into a unique and attractive home. The rooms on the first
Tiny Attic Studio in Paris

Tiny Attic Studio in Paris

It's truly unbelievable how this old and dingy attic was transformed into a functional and welcoming home!
5 Luxurious Properties in the Cosmopolitan Heart of Miami

5 Luxurious Properties in the Cosmopolitan Heart of Miami

Miami is a true real estate heaven!
Swedish Attic Apartment Ideas

Swedish Attic Apartment Ideas

This Swedish apartment shows how to take advantage of an attic space even when you're working with less square footage.
Space Saving Furniture

Big Savings in The Smallest Apartment

Concrete Contemporary Design with a Warm Atmosphere

Concrete Contemporary Design With a Warm Atmosphere

This incredible apartment boasts contemporary design with industrial touches and even manages to look very welcoming!
Contemporary white living room

Amazing White Interiors by Christian Grevstad