Apartment designs

To help you make the most of modern living, in this section we offer you an exclusive peek into the most exciting and creative apartments from across the world. Spanning a range of sizes, scales, aesthetic sensibilities, locations and lifestyles, these interiors and designs are sure to leave you brimming with ideas for your own pad.

Super Small Apartment Design by JPDA

Charming Small Duplex - living room

Charming Small Duplex on 51 sq.m.

Classic meets contemporary style

White and Blue Interior on 40m²

White and Blue Interior on 40m²

This tiny charming apartment is furnished with IKEA furniture in white and blue, which creates a unique feeling of spaciousness and freshness. Skillfully combined colors and furniture items
Living large on 36sq.m.

Living Large on 36sq.m.

Yes, it is possible! If you think practically and creatively you can accommodate a whole house only on 36 sq.m. This cozy home is the proof. Despite its small size, the apartment hosts an entrance hall

Modern Apartment in London, UK

Modern duplex in Madrid

Modern Duplex in Madrid

Authors of this contemporary design are the Spanish designers Fernando Tapia and Monica Andina. Their joint work on the project can be defined as a complete success. The apartment is
Minimalist apartment in Amsterdam

Minimalist Apartment in Amsterdam

Minimalist interior, full of light. The natural wood used in the interior of this extraordinary apartment in Amsterdam contributes to the creation of a feeling of warmth and comfort
Luxury Bachelor's Apartment

Luxury Bachelor’s Apartment

This apartment is furnished in an avant-garde style and conveys a strong male presence. Plenty of black, red, reflective surfaces and pictures of cars are typical accents in the home