Having the freedom to maneuver comfortably throughout your home makes living that much sweeter! For a home that is needed to help sustain a full family especially, comfort and space is even more important. After all, your kids will be growing into their own as time goes by and it’s wise to already have a home ready for those transitions. This home in London, found on Featherstone Leigh, combines simple style with naturally contemporary elements.

Cozy Comfort at Elysium Place  (1)

A common theme for this home is the use of wood in various furniture pieces present throughout the home. With wooden countertops, coffee tables, generous entertainment center and library, the color scheme of this lovely dwelling extends to the neutral, laid-back color of accompanying furniture and other accented features. It also creates a warm feeling from nature. The area rugs bring a subtle burst of color with soft blues.

With over 1,600 square feet, one of the best things about this home is that it’s designed to be open to rearranging and more customizing until your heart is content. The three bedrooms are generous on the first floor with two bathrooms and a balcony that allows you to get a private breath of fresh air when needed.

We can just feel the peaceful vibes coming from this home!

Cozy Comfort at Elysium Place  (2)

Cozy Comfort at Elysium Place  (3)

Cozy Comfort at Elysium Place  (4)

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