This useful little clip-on spout by Ippinka attaches to just about anything, allowing you to pour and strain with ease. It comes in a beautiful red color, and you can purchase a pack of two to save on shipping. It comes with a removable strainer, and it works with liquids and solids. Made from heat-resistant silicone, the clip-on spout, is perfect for removing hot water from pasta. It is also perfect for grease disposal and pouring into small containers.

The clip-on spout has an attractive design: it is sleek and functional. If you’re painting, making individual desserts, and/or refilling a bottle, this handy item can help you do it quickly and efficiently, effectively reducing spillage. This is definitely a handy item to have, and it is especially handy if you have two. One for the kitchen, and one for the house, making the tasks around your home, just a little bit easier.

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